The Auto-enrolment Section

Auto-enrolment (AE)

By law employers must place eligible employees into a qualifying workplace pension scheme and make a minimum level of contribution. This is known as Automatic Enrolment.

If you choose not to join the Main Section of the Plan when you start work for the Company, we will need to enrol you in the Auto-Enrolment Section if you meet certain conditions.

The Government sets the criteria for eligible employees and the Company will provide written confirmation of your eligible status once your personal situation has been assessed.

You have the option to 'opt in' to the Auto-Enrolment Section if you are not automatically enrolled.

When you are automatically enrolled into the Plan or if you opt in, you will receive policy documentation as evidence of your membership. This will include a letter confirming your contribution level and investment strategy, and information about the Plan website.

The contributions you and the Company make to your Account

 The table below shows the contribution arrangements that apply in the Auto-Enrolment Section. 

Date  All contributions are a percentage of your Pensionable Pay
   Your normal contribution rate (subject to the Earnings Cap)  The Company's contribution  Total contribution to your Account

6 April 2018 to
5 April 2019 

 2%  3%  5%
6 April 2019
 3%  5%  8%

In the Auto-Enrolment Section, your contributions are deducted from your salary. Members of the Main Section are also eligible to arrange contributions through the Smart Pension Exchange Scheme.

The benefits payable if you die while working for the Company

 If you die before taking your benefits, the Account you have built up to the date of your death would be payable to your beneficiaries, either as a cash lump sum or as a pension for your dependants.

Only members of the Main Section are eligible for the Company’s life assurance arrangement, which will provide an extra cash sum and a pension for your beneficiaries.