Leaving the Scheme

Leaving the Scheme

If you leave the Scheme with less than 30 days membership

You will be treated as having never joined the Scheme. Your contribution will be returned to you less the usual income tax deduction. It will not be affected by the investment conditions nor will it include any element of your employer’s contribution.

If contributions have been made through SMART then the arrangement will be cancelled.

If you leave the Scheme with more than 30 days membership

You can either:

  1. Leave your pension account invested with the CGMPS until you come to the time when you start taking your benefits. You will be known as a deferred member; or
  2. You can transfer your benefits to another registered pension scheme (including your own personal pension plan if you have one).

Whichever choice you make the benefit will include the value of your employer’s contributions as well as yours.

The most suitable option for you will depend on your situation at the time you leave. You may want to seek financial advice before deciding what route you will take.

Please note that it is not possible to continue paying contributions into the Plan once you have left the Company.