Why do you need a pension?

Why do you need a pension?

Pensions might seem complicated but the idea is a simple one. It is an efficient way of saving for the future, as you get tax relief on your contributions and you also receive contributions from Heinz.

At Heinz we want to help you actively plan for a financially healthy retirement. Whatever age you are, taking time to think about your retirement savings is worth doing.

Currently the maximum you can get from the State Pension is only £164.35 per week, so planning for your future sooner rather than later is the smart way to ensure your financial security. The sooner you think about how you’re going to fund your life as you age, the better prepared you can be for the time when you want to stop working.

Imagine that from the age of 25 you stopped buying a £2.50 cup of coffee every day on your way to work and saved that money in your pension pot instead. That £2.50 a day could be an extra £600 saved every year, or £18,000 by the time you retire at age 65. If you also assume some investment growth, for illustration purposes say 5% each year, it could be worth over £41,000 when you reach age 55.

*We've taken 55 as the minimum age you can draw your Heinz pension. This calculation is based on 48 working weeks per year, working 5 days per week, not including bank holidays.