Joining the scheme

Joining the scheme

The Main Section

All employees are eligible to join the Main Section of the Plan.

You can join the Main Section at any time, though there are occasions when conditions may apply. Simply log on to the Flex Portal and follow the on-screen instructions. The Trustees may require you to provide evidence of good health (in respect of death and ill health benefits) and other information such as your birth certificate.

The Company may change these joining requirements at any time.

If you already have a personal pension you can still be a member of the Plan; you are allowed to contribute to more than one pension at the same time.

Important note - If you choose not to join the Main Section when you start work for the Company, we will need to enrol you in the Auto-Enrolment section of the Plan if you meet certain conditions. See the Auto Enrolment section for more details.

If you have pension protection

Do you have Primary, Enhanced, Fixed Protection, Fixed Protection 2014 or have applied for/are going to apply for Individual Protection 2014, Individual Protection 2016 or Fixed Protection 2016?

If you join an employer’s pension plan and/or life assurance scheme, either by completing an application form or as a result of automatic enrolment, you will lose your Enhanced or Fixed Protection.

If you join an employer’s pension plan through automatic enrolment but opt out within the 30-day opt out period, you will be treated as if you have never been a member and will not lose your protection.

If you have Primary Protection or if you have applied for/are going to apply for Individual Protection 2014 or Individual Protection 2016, pension contributions can continue to be paid into your pension policy. Please note that any pension savings in excess of your protected Lifetime Allowance will be subject to a Lifetime Allowance charge.

More information on Lifetime Allowance protection and automatic enrolment is available on the HMRC website.

Neither your employer nor the Plan provider are responsible for any tax charge or loss of tax relief you incur through joining or being automatically enrolled into any pension or life assurance arrangement(s).